Ultimate Spanish Course Bundle

Ultimate Spanish Course Bundle

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Linguist Smart proudly presents our Ultimate Spanish Course Bundle which combines our popular: Spanish Beginners Course and Spanish Grammar Course.  

This Course Bundle has 96  lessons and is ideal for students who want to fast track their Spanish language learning! You will be amazed at how much you will learn in a short space of time. 

¡Nos vamos!


Spanish is the 2nd largest language in the world with over 400 million native speakers not to including non- native speakers! It is an important language in finance, commerce, travel, entertainment, culture, art, philosophy and literature!

It is considered the 2nd language in the USA. The Latin American market is ever growing and therefore learning Spanish can bring many lucrative incentives. It is a practical and very useful language to learn!


Spanish Beginners Course

What's Included: 66 Lessons, live practice sessions, downloadable question and answer papers & course tracker. 

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The Core Basics
Section 3: Speaking Spanish 
Section 4: Core Spanish Grammar (Nouns, Articles and Demonstratives) 
Section 5: Vocabulary and How to use it in Spanish 
Section 6: Basic Spanish Grammar 
Section 7: Everyday Living 
Section 8: Core Spanish Grammar 

Spanish Grammar Course

What's Included: 30 Lessons & course tracker. 

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The Present Tense
Section 3: Irregular Verbs
Section 4: Ser vs Estar
Section 5: Spanish Grammar Tenses 101
Section 6: Time Expressions with “Hacer”