German Grammar Course

German Grammar Course

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Der Dativ, der Akkusativ, der Genitiv and der Nominativ? Ring any bells? If not then you need to enrol in our German Grammar Course. Although English is a Germanic language, German grammar is very different as the language is governed by grammatical cases unlike present day English. 

Therefore it is very important to grasp the German grammar as you need it when speaking, reading and writing. 

The German Language

German is an incredibly beautiful and unique language to learn. With over 220 million speakers it's no wonder that German is a very popular and useful language to know!

German is a language of science, politics, religion art, culture, love, romance, architecture, fashion and design. Millions of people flock to Italy every year and to German speaking countries such as Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. 

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn a wonderful language!

The Course Curriculum 

What's Included: 45 Lessons and a course tracker 

Section 1: The German Grammatical Cases
Section 2: The Definite Articles
Section 3: Important Basics
Section 4: The Verb Tenses
Section 5: Structuring a Sentence, Prepositions, Demonstratives & Negation in German
Section 6: Important Verbs