Arabic Reading and Writing Course

Arabic Reading and Writing Course

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Linguist Smart's Reading and Writing Arabic immerses you into the world of business. 

This Course will cover all of the key language skills in Arabic: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. You will be able to understand complex texts, express your opinions, sharpen your listening skills and have several practice sessions to reinforce the new materials taught to you!

Reading & Writing Arabic

As you are aware, the Arabic language has its own script which means that in order to be able to read and write Arabic you have to learn its script. Therefore, when learning Arabic you must learn first how to read and write it!

Reading Arabic in transliteration or in Latin script it will only get you so far.

What is the difference in pronouncing these two words “Qalb” or “Kalb”. How does the “Q” sound Arabic. What is the letter? The difference between pronouncing these 2 “k” sounds is a change in meaning from “heart” to “dog”!

As you can see learning how to Read and Write Arabic is important. Here at Secret World of Languages, we have made reading and writing Arabic simple and easy. Our main goal is to save you TIME so you can read & write Arabic quickly and efficiently!

We have developed this comprehensive course where we learn how to read and write Arabic in the isolated letters and joined up, read and write the vowels seeing how they affect the letters and learn the grammatical rules necessary for writing.

The Arabic Language

Ahlan wa Sahlan! That’s means “Hi and Welcome” in Arabic. Did you know that you already know some Arabic? The following words used in English are derived from the Arabic language: alcohol, cotton, orange, safari, sugar to name a few!

With over 310 million speakers, Arabic is one of the world’s most popular languages from Morocco to Lebanon to the heart of Saudi Arabia. This language is truly one a kind! It can enhance your career prospects, academic studies, understand the geo-politics in the region or for religious purposes.

Course Curriculum 

What's Included: 45 Lessons and course tracker.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The Arabic Alphabet

Section 3: The Short Vowels

Section 4: Writing in Arabic  

Section 5: Reading Arabic

Section 6: The Long Vowels

Section 7: The Arabic Alphabet in focus

Section 8: Nunation

Section 9: The Shadda