Our Story

Dear Student,

I am proud to present our carefully curated Online Courses and Digital Products presented by yours truly Linguist Smart. Our company Linguist Smart was founded due to my passion for learning languages. I have always loved learning languages and sharing my knowledge with other linguists. However, the barriers to entry for language learning means that would be linguists cannot access the in-depth materials present in academia.

In today’s modern world, the institution of academia charges astronomical fees for degree programmes that drip feed students course material that sometimes lacks substance and any real efficacy in the daily life.

In my past experience, I studied Arabic at a well-known university where I was taught how to read and write Arabic for an entire year, but I was unable to speak basic Arabic. Ridiculous!

This experience made me question traditional methods of teaching languages and why they lacked any efficacy in the real world. I sought out different language learning methods and techniques.

The key theme I noticed in my personal language learning journey was that in order to be a successful linguist one must possess competency in all of the key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Thus, an effective study programme must be designed so that all skills are covered equally and effectively.  However, with an abundance of materials available (online and offline) it poses the question: “what do I start learning first?”. It can be difficult to self- study if you are not sure what to study first i.e., what you should be prioritising first.

I founded Linguist Smart for this very reason- to create effective self-study online language products whereby students are competent in all the key language skills.

Therefore, you feel confident in using the language in its entirety. All of our products cover the key language skills and educate you in the mechanics of learning a language.

All the Linguist Smart courses hone in all of key language skills aforementioned and we have specialised courses for certain skills.

You will receive lifetime access to all lessons and course materials upon purchase. You're in charge of your learning. finally!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team directly!

 Warmest Regards,

CEO of Linguist Smart